Massage of Founder

Qazil Quozaat Fil Hind Hazrat Allama Mufti Muhammad Aktar Raza Khan

Alias ”Huzoor Tajushsharia”Damat Barkatuhum Aalia

Usually to Ahle sunnat wa Jamat and specially to followers of sisila Qadirya, Barkatia, Razvia that make your stability on Maslake Ahle Sunnat Wa Jamat which is known as “Maslake Aala Hazrat”

Keep distance from all sort of evil doers like Rafzee, Qadiyani, Wahabi, Deobandi and Suleh Kulliism. You must know that a relation even it is social it will be death for you because they will practice bring you away to be a real believer. Make yourself strict doer of Namaz, Roza and other good deeds and try to make others to do so. Keep distance from all evil works and prevent others also to do such evil deeds. Always and on every place show good morals and real Islamic behavior. Take parts maximum in good deeds.

Help the poors, down trodden and their little ones in their education and marriage in every possible way. Don’t forget the Deeni madrasa’s when you are going to pay Sadqa, Zakat and helps especially proud of Markaze Ahle Sunnat and yours beloved Center of Islamic Studies Jamiatur Raza. Help your beloved institute by your wealth, by your attention to complete its moto.

Stable Madrasa, Library in your areas and appoint there only Sunni Scholars to serve the people. Arrange accommodation, food and other facilities for them and then keep yourself in their touch and get guidance for your life style.

I hope that you will practice on these words and make agree to others to practice on these words. I pray to Allah Ta’ala that He give us strength courage to us to serve Honored Islam and Muslims. May Allah Ta’ala prevent our faith and beliefs and give us death on it.

Massage of Managing Director

Dear Sir,

I am glad to introduce The Center of Islamic Studies Jamiatur Raza to you all.  Now this Islamic Institution is going to enter in its tenth Year of Successful running. As you know that this institution is fast growing and consolidating its position. According to its motto it’s rendering the higher and good educational needs. In this motto the institution prepares learners to be well versed in the knowledge of Quran and Sunnah and to bear a real and actual Islamic character and conduct which is defined by Ala Hazrat Imam Ahmad Raza Khan, Bareilvi. With the above mentioned motto the said institution is maintaining a balance between the depth and breadth of Islamic Knowledge with the combination of modern education by meaningfully coordinating its innovative programs with extension into real life situation in the society. Our emphasis is to co-ordinate Islamic values with that of modern education system so that our students when they enter the world of work after completing formal Islamic Studies they should not be looked down upon, for this we have kept in our mind all round physical and mental development of the children is top priority. For achieving this we believe that learning is enhanced by participation in research, which should start right from fifth year students. You learn by the works assigned to you and more so if you are paid for that while you are studying. Teachers and students are the two sides of the same coin. They have to facilitate and challenge each other’s thinking and research work and to create such an atmosphere that can enhance the pace of teaching and learning at every level.